Aqua Aerobics

An Aqua Aerobics class is a great place to start or enhance your fitness lifestyle. Water provides an element to cross-train with out the stress on joints. Using the natural resistance of water, a participant is able to be challenged with an excellent cardio work-out. Water resistance also provides a great opportunity to build strength and tone muscles, in addition to offering greater flexibility and increased balance. We have classes that take place in the Lap pool (deep and shallow water) and the Leisure pool (shallow water) to fit your needs. Check out our classes and see what class will work for you. You do not need to be a great swimmer to enjoy our classes. All you need to be is comfortable in the water.

Leisure pool temp 87 degrees

Lap pool temp 83 degrees


December 4- March 4

Medium Intensity:
Shallow / Deep
Monday/Wednesday: 8:30am – 9:30am
We are seeking a certified Aqua Aerobics instructor for this class. If interested contact        Gregg Markwardt : [email protected]

Deep Water Aqua Jogging

With Sara Nelson 

Monday & Wednesday 5:45-6:30am

Tuesday & Thursday 9:15-10am


Run, ski, stride and move against the resistance of the water in this high intensity, interval workout. Each stride will help you become a more effective and efficient runner with zero impact! Participants will wear a flotation belt. Deep water running is a great way for an injured athlete to train and for all athletes to cross train or recover. Try the challenge! Swimming skill is not necessary.

Aquatic Healing With Eva

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 – 10:30am, Leisure Pool

January 9th- February 1st
Free Admission
Provided by APEX Physical Therapy


Aquatic healing is a class for anyone looking for a safe and functional way to decrease pain while improving strength, flexibility and balance. Water relaxes the muscles and increases circulation providing the ideal environment for pain reduction and healing. Safe exercises are specially designed to help with the rehabilitation from surgery or injury. Water’s buoyancy decreases gravitational stress on the body and joints while the natural resistance of the water helps develop strength, truck stability and balance. It is recommended participants with joint replacement or recent surgery check with their physician or physical therapist before starting the class. The class is sponsored by APEX Physical Therapy and led by Eva Montee, Certified Exercise Specialist.

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