HIIT Workout


This class is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout. We’ll incorporate moves that require short bursts of energy. It’s appropriate for every fitness level and modifications are always available. HIIT workouts are fantastic because the intense moves rev up the metabolism by not immediately allowing the body to return to the normal rate of expenditure. Instead, it slowly normalizes itself over the next hours and sometime even days (depending on the intensity of the workout). While it’s returning to normal, you get the benefit of burning calories at a higher rate than normal – even while you’re just sitting around. It only takes 15-30 mins. No excuses.

Instructor: Karen Affeldt

When: Tuesday/Thursday 5:30pm

No Class:  March 27th & 29th

About the Instructor 

Karen Affeldt is a nurse, a mom of 4, and moved to Madras in 2006 with her husband Richard. She was a competitive gymnast in her youth and has continued her love of fitness into her adult years. In the last 2 years she’s begun getting back to her athletic roots by training for Spartan and distance races. She wants to help other people gain the freedom good health and fitness has brought her.